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Time & Material
Industrial Tank Painting
Acrylic Texture
High Rises
Fire Retardant Painting
Thermal Painting
Industrial Paint Dealers
Industrial Sand Blasting
Lead  base Certified
Hospitality Painting
Apartment Complexes
Custom Cars




Mine Safety and Health Administration   Lead Abatement Certified



Clarifier Painting &
Sand Blasting
Industrial Paint Coatings.




Bad  Paint & Chemicals


Children's face paints
" Caution "

Anti graffiti Painting
Clarifier Tank Painting
California Tank Painting
Colorado Tank Painting
Commercial Painting
Containment Vats
Electrostatic Painting
Epoxy Coatings
Epoxy Floors
Exterior Commercial Painting
Eco Commercial Painting
Bad Chemical in Paint
Factory Painting
Faux Painting
Fire Proof Painting
Galvanized Metal Painting
Hotel Painting
Hospital Painting
Hospitality Painting
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Industrial Painting
Light Pole Painting
Interior Commercial Painting
Lead Base Paint Encapsulation
Luminescent Paint
MSHA Certified Contractors
Oil Tanks
Rail Road Cars
Sand Blasting
Shale Gas Fraking
Silo Painting
Structural Steel Painting
Smoke Stack Painting
Tank Painting
Town House Painting
Thermal Painting
Vinyl wall covering
Ware House painting
Water Tanks
Water Tower Logos
Zoo painting
Abilene Texas
Anaheim California
Austin Texas
Bakersfield California
Dallas Fort Worth
Idaho Boise
Oakland Ca
Ogden Utah Painting
Sacramento California
San Diego
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U S A Painting
Utah S L C

Utah Tank Painting



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Commercial Sand Blast
Industrial Sand Blasting




Water tank Soda Blasting
Water Jet Blasting
Chemical Tank sand Blasting
Residential paint water blast
Hydro Blasting
Bead blasting
Wheel blasting
Micro-abrasive blasting
Automated blasting
Portable blast
Blast cabinet
Dry Ice Blasting
From Fine to Coerce Grit
Sodium Bicarbonate
Baking Soda  Blasting
Water Blast
Potassium Sulfate Blasting
Sand Blasting
Ground Corn Cobs  Blasting
Walnut Shells Blasting
Black Beauty Coal Slag
Glass Beads Blasting
Non Glass beads Blasting
Crushed Glass Blasting
Aluminum Oxide Blasting
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Light Pole Painting









Industrial Paint  Manufacturers 


 Industrial Painting



 International Paint Manufactures



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CLSI        Pat


Chemical  & Industrial Plants Commercial vinyl wall covering,
 & faux painting
, Condominium Complexes - Hospitality Painting Hotels. Wood work Hand Rails




Eco Commercial Painting


Commercial Painting Contractor

Industrial Painting Contractor

Fire Proof
Painting Contractor

 Thermal Painting Contractor

Structural Steel
Painting Contractor

Industrial Tank
Painting Contractor

Commercial Sand Blast
Industrial Sand Blasting


Acrylic Texture

Arizona Tank Painting

Bad Paints & Effects

























Commercial & Industrial Painting Contractor  Licensed - Bonded - Insured

1 - 877-749-5554   or   Robert 208-371-77578   Estimator *


Great Western Painting Company

Industrial   Commercial


High Rises - Factories  - Towers Structural Steel - Water Towers - Pipes Industrial & Commercial Tanks - Chemical Plants -  Silos -  Flares -  Thermal & Fire Proof Painting Structural Steel - Light Poles - Epoxy Floors - Water blasting & Industrial Sand Blasters. Manufacturing and Processing Plants. Chemical  & Industrial Plants Commercial vinyl wall covering,  & faux painting, Condominium Complxes - Hospitality Painting Hotels. Wood work Hand Rails

   We Provide
Lead Base Paint Encapsulation  Saves the cost of Containment
The Encapsulating Coating we use does more then cover up rust.
 & it penetrates into metal surface becoming part of the structure  penetrating in to the surface of the metal itself.
Read More
Towers - Bridges - Clarifiers-  Structural Steel - Marine Vessels' Oil / Gas Platforms

Sand blasting & Hydro blasting  Commercial and Industrial
 Water Tower and Tank Sandblasting & Painting

              Call Patrick
 1 - 877-749-5554


Great Western Painting  
  A commercial and industrial painting contractor, if you are looking for commercial or industrial painting services including: High rise buildings,
Manufacturing and Processing Plants
, Apartment Complexes, Condominium Ccomplexes, Townhouses, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Casinos, Hospitals,
Parking Sstructures,
Pipe Painting,Water Towers, and Schools. We bring in Large Crews  to accommodate your specific needs and schedule 24/7  Painting
Contractor. nights & weekends including holidays. We have  professional painting crews Ready to start & Complete your project on time. The scope of industrial site painting, preparation and coating ranges from structural steel to bridges to warehouses and  include heavy and light aggressive surface preparation Using all specialized coatings



 Tanks Painted with Rust Grip  Lead Encapulation   (  Read More at our Sistrt Site   Lead Base Paint Encapsulation )


Sand Blasting & Industrial Tanks

    Patrick Evje   1 - 877-749-5554


  M.S.H.A. Certified Painters.




Patrick as I mentioned in our phone conversation, your crew performed very well on the Tuolumne Clarifier and the work quality was excellent. By performing so well, our comfort level with your company has increased dramatically. We look forward to soliciting your involvement in virtually every project we propose in Central and Northern California along with Nevada.  Iíll look forward to hearing from you.  John


Acrylic Knock Down Painting  Wall Texture
 Hotels - Casinos -  Restaurants
Office buildings high traffic areas.
Where walls are bumped torn scraped,
 scratched and marred

When product dries on the walls it's like having a Iron film to protect you investment.
Best part ! The in house painters can touch it up with just a
roller and brush.
Wide variety of colors

Acrylic Texture non-aggregated vinyl acrylic texture coating that creates a variety of textures such as orange peel, splatter, knockdown, or hand applied textures.


 Interior & Exterior Tank Painting                       Before                               After    See More            

We Paint  Water Towers - Tanks- Silos - Water Tower Logos


Ask For  Odorless  Solvents Free Organic Paints -
 Ttotally free of all pesticides, herbicides & toxins
  See Our Site for    Eco Commercial Painting


Dustless Sand Blasting   Read More at  our Sister Site  (



 1 - 877-749-5554         Top

High Rise Painting   See more photos Go



Towers  -  Stacks  -  Silos




Slalt Lake City

Acrylic Knock Down Wall Texture  for Hotels Iron like walls


    Doors & Windows Fascia and Eaves Wood & Vinyl Shutters Decks, Railings and Patio Covers
    This project was a Million + Ft
     of painting


    Serving S L C Utah
    as a painting contractor Dallas Texas 
    San Diego California and all
    Commercial & Industrial projects between
      Serving The USA


    Propane Tanks




    Before  & After






    More info on Tanks.
    See our Industrial Tank Painting site



1 - 877-749-5554

For Commercial and Industrial in any state see our sister site  
Time and Material Painting


Our corporate office is in Salt Lake City Utah.
30 years of painting in Utah as a  Painting contractor
We have advanced to cover the USA in Commercial and Industrial Painting
From Tanks - Hotels - Resorts - Casinos - Hospitals - Industrial Complexes -
Structural Steal and Chemical Plants - High Rises - Including Fire Proof painting - Thermal Painting - Lead Abatement - OSHA & MSHA approved
Commercial and Industrial Sand Blasting.


Large Industrial Buildings



1 - 877-749-5554

Utah Areas We Paint Draper  Utah Painting 84020 St George Utah Painting 84771  
Bountiful Utah Painting  84010 ,84011 North Salt Lake Utah Painting 84054 Taylorsville Utah Painting 84084  
  Ogden Utah Painting  84201 Tooele Utah Painting 84074  
  Park City Utah Painting 84060 Wendover Utah Painting  84083  

South Jordan Utah Painting  84095

Woods Cross Utah Painting  84087


Structural Steal Epoxy Painting
Lion Cages  Fort Worth Zoo  Texas

 Up High and safety First


Acrylic Knock Down Contractor  Textured Paint

High Rises - Factories  - Towers Structural Steel - Water Towers - Pipes
Industrial Tanks - Chemical Plants -  Silos -  Flares

 Thermal & Fire Proof Painting 
Structural Steel - Light Poles - Epoxy Floors
Water blasting & Industrial Sand Blasters.


Fire Proof Painting

Commercial & Industrial




See Our Safety Site


1 - 877-749-5554


Pressure Washing & Cleaning

  • Removing Mildew - Remove Loose Paint and Stains
  • General Cleaning of Surfaces - Stucco Wood, Composite & Vinyl Siding - Architectural Woodwork


Utah  Arizona Idaho   Nevada  California  Colorado  Wyoming  Texas    Oklahoma
All of the USA


Great Western Painting Home       
Sparks igniting compounds storage tanks & Eexplosion -  Fire proof coatings for wire factories electric compounds Patrick Evje  SLC Utah 

Commercial Painting  Contractor  Industrial Painting Contractor  California Painting Contractor  Arizona Commercial Painters  Texas Commercial Painting
 California Industrial Painting  Utah  Industrial  Painting  Okalahoma Commercial Painting  Nevada Commercial Painting  Idaho Commercial Painting

Utah  Counties Beaver ,  Box Elder  ,,Cache , Carbon  , Daggett  , Davis , Duchesne C, Emery  , Garfield , Grand  , Iron ,Rich   Salt Lake County , San Juan C , Sanpete , Sevier , Summit  , Tooele , Uintah County, Utah County, Wasatch , Washington , Wayne  , Weber  salt lake city Utah, S LC Ut.  Salt Lake City Painting Contractor, Salt Lake City Painting 
See our Encapsulation Site


   MSHA Safety Equipment
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Paints and Applications  Paints and applications  Acrylics - Latex -Urethanes- Floor Epoxy chemicals are chemicals paints- Polyurethane - Enamels -Epoxy -Industrial Cleaning -Sand Blasting -
Concrete Repair and Painting - Abrasive Blasting - Wet, Dry Vacuum Abrasive Blasting -Abrasive Blast Cleaning -
Blaster Floor, High-Pressure Water Blast - Hydro blasting 5,000 PSI
Steel Plants - Chemical- Manufacturing Plants - Utility Plants - Industrial Gas Facilities- Gas Tanks -
Food Processing Plants - Mining Equipment Cranes, Trucks, DC Cats, Industrial Conveys - Storage Tanks & Pipelines
Warehousing Roofing & Siding -Administrative Offices High Rises, - Schools Healthcare Facilities -
Public Facilities / Interior & Exterior- Public Facilities / Interior & Exterior - Light Poles -stadium poles


If You Need MSHA Training in any of these states ?  Great Basin Safety Divisional State Sites
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Great Western Painting Company

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California Tank Painting   Industrial Painting Contractor - California Painting Contractor -
Texas Commercial Painting -- California Industrial Painting -Utah  Industrial  Painting - Oklahoma Commercial Painting

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